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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dental care lays the groundwork for a healthy, beautiful smile. In combination with proper at-home hygiene practices, like twice-daily brushing and flossing at least once a day, attending regular cleanings and oral exams can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from decay and other dental health issues.

Restorative Dentistry

The field of restorative dentistry covers a wide range of dental services that are all aimed at helping patients restore their oral health and boost their confidence in their smiles. Restorative dental care can help patients who have experienced tooth decay, gum disease, or oral trauma.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients with dental issues of all kinds can dramatically improve their appearance with cosmetic dentistry, so they can smile with confidence. Before you decide if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, take some time to think about how satisfied you are with your smile

Emergency dentistry

If you’re suffering from severe oral pain, a toothache, or a dental injury, you can receive immediate care with emergency dentistry. The main goal of emergency treatment is to relieve patients’ pain, and get them back to a healthy oral state.

dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges allow dentists to protect and restore damaged teeth. Typically, when tooth decay is severe enough that it can’t be treated with a filling, a dental crown will be used to cover, or cap, the tooth.

dental implants

If you’re missing one, or several, teeth, and are looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution, dental implants may be the right choice for you. Able to restore the look and function of your smile and bite, dental implants can enhance your overall appearance and oral health.

dental technology

Our practice is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care, including staying at the forefront of the latest dental technology. From digital intraoral and panoramic X-rays to clear and focused intraoral photographs, our team of experienced professionals, led by Dr. Steven Ralston, is dedicated to using the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

sedation dentistry

We understand that undergoing a dental procedure is not always a pleasant experience. Thankfully, there are options that make receiving treatment much more comfortable. Sedation options are an effective way to receive the dental care you need without stress, pain, or anxiety. 


Thanks to modern dentistry, tooth extractions are no longer a painful experience. doctor ralston will always do everything they can to save your natural teeth, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to maintain the wellness of your mouth. 

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can brighten your grin by multiple shades, eliminating any yellowing or stains that have built up over the years. With in-office and take-home options, you can whiten your smile in a single visit, or gradually over the course of a few weeks. 


Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment option that enhances stained, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or gapped teeth. Made out of thin porcelain shells, veneers are designed to cover the front surface of your teeth. Their versatility makes them an extremely popular cosmetic option for patients looking to illuminate their smile.